Organic Christmas Hampers from Trill Farm, Axminster, Devon

The Trill Winter Seasons Box is a delicious organic hamper full of exclusive seasonal products from Trill Farm an organic farm in Devon owned by Romy Fraser OBE (founder of Neal’s Yard Remedies). The Trill Winter Seasons Box is the ideal Christmas gift for a discerning friend or loved one this year. Order now and expect delivery on Wednesday 17th December.

The Trill Winter Seasons Box costs £75 and includes organically grown and responsibly-made products from all parts of Trill Farm: food and drink, natural health and beauty, homewares and garden. Each item is a celebration of the organic and wild offerings of the land, skilfully created using minimal processing and packaging. The majority of the Trill Winter Seasons products are unique to the box, and not available to purchase through the Trill Farm Shop website.

It’s a chance to experience a selection of high-quality products based on what’s abundant right now, and share them with people who support the Trill Farm ethos; healthy and responsible living and education to teach the skills required to live lightly on the land. Look Inside The Trill  Winter Seasons Box The Trill Winter Seasons Box includes the following organic and responsibly-made products from Trill Farm (contents may vary):

Winter Cordial There was a fantastic late autumn hedgerow harvest from the farm this year so we have bottled a host of berries and crabapples. It’s a lovely base for mulled wine and also offers a delicious non-alcoholic alternative. Quince & Crabapple Cheese Made from Romy’s garden quince and the finest sharp and tart crabapples, this sweet and aromatic delight should take pride of place on the best of cheese boards. Pickled Green Tomatoes Here we have captured the last of the green tomato crop from Kate and Ash’s garden and pickled it in Trill’s distinctive apple cider vinegar from last autumn.

The pickle is spiked with fruity Palivec chillies and goes perfectly with potted meats and pate. Celebration Cake Soaked in cider and sweetened with the last of the season’s honey, Trill’s celebration cake, best served with Devonshire cream, is the ideal way to spice up feasts.

Winter Tea Naturally spicy – can be drunk either as a tea or heated in warm red wine. Prepared with hand picked herbs and flowers grown at Trill, making the most of each season’s natural taster and goodness.  This tea features rose hip, mulberry, hawthorn berries, bay laurel, comfrey, fennel and apple. Dried Red Chillies Beautiful in the kitchen and delicious in your cooking. Three different varieties of chilli of varying heat to try out.
Palivec is a long variety originally from the Czech Republic which starts out pale green and ripens to dark red. It is not too hot, the spice is mainly in the seeds so can be left out if required! Cayenne is a well known variety often used for making chilli powder.

Alberto’s Lococo is an unusual round variety with fuzzy leaves, purple flowers and black seeds. It has a hot warming heat and lots of flavour. Potted Pheasant (Meat option) Dating back to the 16th Century potted meat was solely used as a method of preserving meat. Since then it has become one of Britain’s most iconic dishes. Served alongside the pickled green tomatoes or the crabapple and quince cheese this is a quick brunch ideal for those wintery mornings. Or Chestnut Pate (Vegetarian option) With a windy autumn on Trill there was a rush to gather and bring in the sweet chestnut harvest. These small creamy nuts are a delicious source of vitamins and minerals to keep us healthy through the colder months.

Facial Oil A nourishing blend of omega-rich sesame and borage seed oils combined with antioxidant calendula and carrot extracts to replenish skin. Infused with a nurturing blend of pure essential oils. Winter Soap Trill Soaps are made with organic oils and herbal extracts from Trill. Packaged in sustainably sourced, screen printed wooden boxes, they are ideal for traveling and re-use. Due to the high glycerin content and rich, hydrating lather, this soap won’t dry out the skin and is gentle enough to use on the face. Herbal Bath Salts A soothing blend of winter herbs and cleansing salts. Add a handful to the water for a relaxing bath.

Beeswax Candles A pair of handmade Trill beeswax candles. The natural beeswax creates a gentle warming fragrance when burning – a festive ambience for winter celebrations. Ginger Biscuit Kit The gingerbread biscuit kit combines Trill’s barley flour with ginger, cinnamon, cloves and a little sugar making them a tasty companion to a warm mulled wine. Perfect for baking as a family. Trill Trust Christmas Cards Four beautiful farm-inspired designs by Tamsin Loxley.

The Trill Trust is an education charity dedicated to encouraging healthy and responsible living. Charity number 1094893. The boxes are sent overnight delivery to UK addresses only. Winter boxes will be shipped to arrive on Wednesday 17th December. Experience All Four Seasons The Trill Seasons Box is also available at a substantial discount as a subscription four times each year: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Purchase of a year’s subscription (four seasonal boxes) includes becoming a ‘Friend of Trill’, which includes exclusive invitations to seasonal events and 20% off Trill courses in 2015. For more details of the Trill Organic Winter Box – visit the Trill Farm Online Shop.

For additional information and high resolution images of all products, contact: Trill Farm, Pudleylake Road, Musbury, Axminster, Devon EX13 8TU Tel: 01297 631 113 Email:


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