Product Review: Piper’s Farm Unsmoked Back Bacon 5/5

Bacon. Breaker of vegetarians, maker of Full English Breakfasts and very hard to cover the smell of. Supermarkets sell it, normally injected with water or treated with chemicals which help it stay preserved for longer so its refreshing to be able to tuck in to what I consider ‘proper bacon’.  And who better to have bought these from.pipers-farm-awardsPiper’s Farm are award winning. Just look at them all!  And there is good reason.  The farm, located in Mid-Devon is entirely grass fed.  The rich nutritious red soil means that the animals need no additional supplements. The taste of the meat has been commended over and over again; in 2011 Pipers Farm was listed as one of The Times’s top 10 butchers and was awarded Best Food Producer in 2007 by the BBC Radio 4 Food and Farming Awards. Not to mention the countless Taste awards and regional awards that they have earned.

Pipers Farm also do meat boxes.  The range is extensive and you can start with one-off boxes or order them regularly.  They start at £30 or you can do a ‘Meat for the week’ for £15.

How much? 
I bought 10 rashers for £4 at the Exeter Food Festival yesterday.

Where to can you buy it from?
Piper’s Farm have a butchers located at 57 Magdalen Road in Exeter, or you can buy them online

The Verdict:
The taste is immediately evident.  From first bite there is a stronger taste which resounds through the whole mouthful.  Piper’s Farm use Saddleback pigs for their bacon, they live in an old cider orchard and feast on grass, acorns and windfalls.  The meat is hung for three weeks and then cured traditional brine cure and smoked over oak chips.

The texture was nowhere near as tough as supermarket bacon, it became flakey and for lack of a better expression ‘melt in the mouth’.

We crisp our bacon and found that there was a bit of shrinkage but nothing that detracts from the taste.  Crispy bacon shrinks, its the nature of the beast and these beasts were absolutely delicious.

Bacon is an easy recipe ingredient.  What sort of things can you do with bacon? Have a look at this suggestion from Pikalily for a Chorizo and Bacon Rosti 

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