Waffles at The Glorious Art House Cafe

You might remember a few months ago, I reviewed a new cafe that had opened in Fore Street. That cafe was called The Glorious Art House Cafe, a bohemian paradise that brought together fantastic coffee and art via their 2nd floor gallery which has regular exhibitions of local artist’s work.

They’ve had a tweak and a shuffle of their menu.  Printed on recycled material, I love their new menu which includes more substantial food (Thai Green Curry anyone?).  Recommended to me by a good friend of mine was a new addition as they’ve started doing WAFFLES. I LOVE WAFFLES…

We were impressed at the fact that, despite the menu, they are easily accommodating with their toppings.  I went for the Maple and Honeycombe Waffle, my able assistant who was allergic to bananas was able to have a Fruit Salad and Dark Chocolate sauce waffle which wasn’t on the menu.

For £5.75 you get a freshly cooked Belgian waffle with a choice of toppings and a free hot drink.  All served on their Anthropologie crockery, which is always adds a touch of colour to any cuppa.

The Glorious Art House Cafe continues it’s journey as a bohemian coffee sanctuary in a city full of clones and wannabes (with notable exclusions, you know who you are…).  If I gave awards for cafes, this colourful establishment would have won an award or two by now.

120 Fore Street,

01392 490060


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