Eating Exeter Update – June 2015

At the beginning of the year I said to myself “I must try and do other things other than Eating Exeter…” and I can safely say that like most new year pledges, that has gone firmly out of the window.  June is shaping up to be a busy month on the blog, but it certainly is the most exciting one so far!  So much so I just had to post some photos of Devon Coffee for no apparent reason, but to say that they are opening a second shop in Heavitree 🙂 and that makes me happy.

I’m excited to be working with one of my new favourite bloggers, Ditch Townsend, who writes Devon Cream Tease; an exploration in to Cream Teas that are served throughout Devon and possibly beyond.  Ditch is the subject of an Eating Exeter first, an interview which I am currently preparing and could very well be up as soon as tomorrow.

He has already been busy reviewing some Cream Teas for Eating Exeter, and over the next few weeks we’ll post them every so often.  I’d encourage everyone to go forth and have a look at Ditch’s blog!

We are also visiting the HH Restaurant in Broadclyst, Harry’s Restaurant in Longbrook Street and The Red Deer in Crediton, all of which will be reviewed and digested.

Along with reviews, I have started working with our in-house graphic and illustrator Tori Dee on a new Eating Exeter Guide to Eating in Exeter (catchy title huh?) which might or might not materialise at some point and be in for sale via the blog as an ebook/pdf file thing.

So lots to come, many things will appear which will hopefully be enjoyable to read and inspire you to eat out in Exeter and Devon.


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