Eating Exeter Update – July

It seems like no time at all since the last update.  We had a really busy June, including a visit to The HH Restaurant, some product reviews and a rather interesting experience at The Red Deer in Crediton.  And the end of June and beginning of July seems to be hotting up to be quite busy too.

Next week we finally visit Harry’s Restaurant in Longbrook Street.  They’ve made some big changes, so we’re going to go and take a peek at whats been happening.  The week after that will be a trip to the The Cosy Club to sample their new Summer menu.

At some point I will also do a review of Hunter’s brewery limited edition Chilli Ale and anything else that comes my way that might be worth writing about.

And…then with the possibility of going on holiday, Eating Exeter will be on hold for a bit as I pry myself away from the keyboard.  Well, I at least try to.

And and and…in July, we’ll see the first ever Eating Exeter Podcast.  Me waffling with my co-host, Riviera FM radio personality Steve Price, about food and foodstuff.

As usual, if you want to get in touch about absolutely anything (I like a good conversation sometimes) then use the contact page.


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