‘Eating Exeter Recommends’ – a new rating system for Eating Exeter

Generally speaking most ‘reviews’ you read will have some sort of rating system, and since starting this blog I have been keen to look beyond the ‘out-of-five’ rating syem that I started off with.  I have tried not rating anything, but I feel this then negates the fact its a blog that reviews restaurants and products.

So I will be introducing a new system, that might work amazingly or might just fall flat on its face.  The new system is called ‘Eating Exeter Recommends’ and I will be changing the Read Reviews page to reflect this.  I might even create a little graphic that reviewed places or producers can put up on their websites or paraphanalia, but I’ll see how much time I have.

The basis of the system will be whether I would recommend a reviewed eating place to a friend.  If I would then it gets on the Eating Exeter Recommended list.  If not, then it doesnt…simple.

Keep your eye out for some changes over the coming weeks, if it is all horribly confusing then please feedback.  Without feedback its harder!

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