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Eating Exeter Update (August-ish)

I actually wrote this last night, but in its dying breathe my main PC froze completely and I lost theIMG_7574 text.  So I am having another go at telling you chaps what’s happening in the world of Eating Exeter over the next few weeks.

I’ve been having a bit of a holiday recently from all things food blog. I’m heavily involved in coordinating Instagramers Exeter (http://igersexeter.tumblr.com) and had the pleasure of giving a talk at the July meetup of Digital Exeter at The City Gate last night, so working on and rehearsing the presentation has taken a bit of time as well as formulating some plans for the future of the group.

But back to all things Eating Exeter briefly.  Facebook told me that I haven’t posted anything for six days, so I thought I better do an Update to allay any fears that I’ve dropped off the end of the Earth.

1. I have the pleasure of working with Will and John, founders of The Complete Diner’s Club, who are currently building interest and tweaking their website.  I know many readers to Eating Exeter will be interested in knowing about this project as it supports and promotes independent restaurants & producers in Exeter and Devon.  You’ll see more about these chaps as I am currently writing a promotional post on them that’ll publish next week on this blog. Follow them on Twitter

2. We’re visiting Circa 1924, located behind Boots (where Harry’s Bar and Grill was located).  I’m looking forward to reviewing and doing and Q&A with their head chef too in the near future!

3. Our roving cream tea expert has been at it again! Some more delicious reviews from Mr Ditch Townsend!



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