Exeter Cookery School pre-launch event

We had the pleasure of attending the pre-launch event for the Exeter Cookery School, which is opening in the autumn.  The school is headed by husband and wife team Jim & Lucy Fisher who had previously ran a cookery school in France (CookinFrance) and have now returned to their roots and have established the Exeter Cookery School which will be situated on Exeter’s historic quayside.

The event itself wasn’t on the quayside though, we were hosted at Sapphire Spaces opposite Dart’s Farm.  Sapphire Spaces are luxury kitchen and bathroom specialists who sell such things as standalone baths and fridges with water dispensers in, I had to describe it as the ‘fridge of kings’ when I saw this.  I digress.

So a bit about Exeter Cookery School.

Jim and Lucy are opening their doors in the autumn to students after the extensive works are finished on their refurbished space.  Foodies of all ages and abilities are welcome to come and try their hand at courses ranging from Classic French Dessert making to a Chocolate Workshop, fancy some Hands-On Butchery or maybe French Boulangerie Favourites?

Jim Fisher is a former Masterchef semi-finalist who started his cooking career cheffing in the kitchens of Exeter’s White Hart Hotel (where he and Lucy met and were engaged to be married).  He went on to cook alongside Rick Stein in Padstow, Allistair Little in Notting Hill and Tony Tobin of Ready, Steady Cook fame.

Lucy was a high-powered bi-lingual PA in the City of London before becoming a full time mum to their daughter Jenny (who was there helping out with canapes).

It was lovely mingling with ex-students of Jim and Lucy’s previous cookery school.  There was an overwhelming feeling that Jim had a gift for teaching what can often be a scary and confusing subject for those that are not naturally the most culinary adept, and this natural affability and personal touch to the courses they teach has given Jim and Lucy a loyal following who will, no doubt, be coming back for more now they are in the UK.

Throughout the evening, Jim demonstrated dishes with various volunteers (including Tori at one point!)  showing how to make Pan-Fried Magret, Confit Du Canard, Basil Ice Cream and Creme Brulee.

Prices for courses start at £42.00 for a lunchtime course and range depending on the length of the course and what is included.  Prices and course information will be available on their website www.exetercookeryschool.co.uk

I myself am taken with the idea of  Chocolate Workshop.  Subscribe to the blog or follow one of our social media channels.

Thank you to Natalie from Chalk & Ward PR for inviting us along 🙂

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