Artigiano ‘Create Your Own Cocktail’ experience: The launch event!

In the world of food blogging, you’re generally on your own when it comes to finding things to write about.  Luckily I get invited to bits and bobs, which involve a certain degree of organisation.  Ask Tori (wife, designer and blog assistant extraordinaire) what I am like with times and dates.  I thought the event kicked off at 7:00pm, but it was actually 5:30pm so this is a testament to the fact that I sometimes misread things, or I sometimes just miss the point completely.  Tori even bought me a planner for Christmas that I keep looking at and thinking, ‘I should write in that’.

So we appeared at Artigiano in Exeter’s High St, not really knowing what to expect.  The event was in the midst of wrapping up, it wasn’t a drop in event but one that had a definite start time!.  The event in question was the ‘Create Your Own Cocktails’ launch event that Artigiano had organised to celebrate the launch of their new experience.

Although I didn’t get to mix any cocktails (to be fair I was driving as well, so might not have been a great idea!) the impressive collection of spirits and cocktail accessories really looked like it would be an exciting night, especially if you love your cocktails!

Artigiano is the first place in Exeter to offer this sort of experience.  So what happens? How does it all work?  I spoke to Matt Williamson (the Manager) about what happens.

Designed for groups of four, the experience costs £20 per head and will allow you to make up to three cocktails per person. Following the recipe book provided, tuition and guidance from Artigiano’s resident mixologist is available, so not only do you get to do some drinking but you learn something as well!  Booking is done in advance, and all of the spirits and glasses are provided as well.  You’ll be able to make a gin, rum and vodka based cocktail of your choice.

This sort of event would be ideal for a night out, something a little different. Artigiano already do Monday Jazz Nights and Acoustic Thursday’s; this event adds nicely to a line-up of exciting and attractive events that the High Street’s hippest spot already has on offer.

If you want to book a Create Your Own Signature Cocktail Experience, email the store at

Thanks to John (Artigiano Director) for taking the time to have a chat with us, and providing some delicious pizza too which will feature as a separate post later in the week.  Thanks to Laura from Chalk and Ward for inviting us, and Sarah & Stacey who made us feel really welcome even though we were really late!

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