Deliveroo Arrives in Exeter

Now and again I get to work with some awesome companies and brands who I think will benefit diners in Exeter.  Recently I have been lucky to be able to work with two different companies who are looking to benefit dining in Exeter through a well thought out and genuine service.

Like me, you might be partial to the odd take-away, a sneaky Burger King or a cheeky Dominoes. Its great when you get something delivered to your door, especially when it tastes nice. There are quite a few companies that do deliveries, JustEat etc and a few that do their own deliveries.  Delivery prices can vary; it can be a minefield.  But sometimes a company or a startup appears that makes you realise, its not all that bad.

One of these companies is Deliveroo, and I am excited to say that Deliveroo is coming to Exeter! The company has been covered by Wired Magazine’s startup of the week back in April and starting in new cities all over the country.  They aim to “revolutionise the way people dine by delivering quality food from local independent and chain restaurants direct to people’s doors”  By ordering from Deliveroo, you get restaurant quality food to your door.  How cool is that?

Through their tried and tested system, the average delivery time takes 32 minutes from order to door.  Using their own courier service, your food should end up with you (£2.50 delivery charge) delivered and boxed, ready to eat.

In Exeter a number of restaurants have signed up including Urban Burger, Coffee Plant, Forn, HubBox, Truffles Cafe, Al Farid and The Curry Leaf. A few chains like ASK Italian and Carluccios will also be on board too, and this number could rise as time goes on!

So can everyone in Exeter order from these restaurants?  Deliveroo’s previous experience has taught that restaurant quality food only keeps at its best for up to 9 minutes afterwards, so there is a catchment area that Deliveroo will deliver too.  At the moment that is most of central Exeter to start with, but some of the outer regions might not be covered.  There will be more info about the catchment areas closer to launch.

You’ll hear more about Deliveroo from me as I’m going to give it a test run when it launches. In the meantime follow Deliveroo in Exeter on Twitter for the latest updates.  Also see how Dine Birmingham got on with Deliveroo when it launched in Birmingham.

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