Eating Exeter Update – August (No.2)

Good Game TopshamSo I thought I’d just put out a little update before going downstairs and making a brew.

The last few months have been the busiest in the history of the blog, I’ve spoken to more people and been to more events than ever, and just when you think its about to stop, something else appears in the inbox 🙂

Good Game Topsham – We visited the newly opened Pig & Pallet on Saturday and took photos.  Pete and Steve have done good with their rustic decorated ex-sail loft, and it looks amazing.

Deliveroo – Looking forward to revealing a restaurant food delivery service that’s coming to Exeter in the form of Deliveroo!

Pizza at Artigiano – We were lucky enough to have been invited to the launch of Artigiano’s Cocktail Experience launch, and part of the evening was spent eating some very nice Pizza.  So a few nice photos of Pizza at Artigiano to come up too!

River Cottage HQ: Summer Fest – My first visit to River Cottage HQ!  The summer festival is happening next weekend, and we’re passing it as we come back from a couple of nights in Dorset with Eating Exeter co-founder Polly and her wonderful chap.  So why not pop through and say hello? I thought.

Exeter & Devon Food Blogs – I’m on a personal quest to read more food blogs, and I’ve compiled a list of local food blogs that I read regularly.  This is going to go up tonight as a conversation starter for #devonfoodhour on Twitter.  I am always up for suggestions too, so if there are anymore that I need to follow, please let me know via the contact form!

10 Questions for Exeter Cookery School – I put ten questions to Jim and Lucy Fisher, founders of the soon-to-open Exeter Cookery School. This is a really exciting venture, and after meeting them both at their launch event, I can’t wait to pick their culinary brains!

The Complete Diner’s Club – I’ve been doing some work with Will and John (founders of The Complete Diner’s Club) who are out to get more diners’s in to independent restaurants across Devon.  Post is mostly written, but I have some exciting updates to put in, so this will be published towards the end of August.

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