Exeter/Devon Food Bloggers (a conversation starter for @DevonFoodHour) #devonfoodhour

Food Blogging can be as lonely or as social as you make it.  Generally speaking there are lots and lots and lots of food blogs on the internet, some of them updated regularly and others might be more sporadic but no less loved.  I don’t often get to talk to other food bloggers myself (Vicki from FreeFromFairy helps organise the Devon Bloggers Network) as I am a full-time working type, but I like to keep myself updated with other food bloggers in the area.

Jamie's ItalianMost food bloggers will be reading the usual high-profile blogs, but what about bloggers who do their thing in the Exeter/Devon area?  Well here are a list of a few (please let me know if there is anyone else local who I should read!) that I try and read regularly.

This post is direct procrastination over my Eating Exeter Recommends page…

Devon Cream Teas – Ditch Townsend is a man on a mission. His mission is to review cream teas in Devon (in case the title didn’t give it away). Objective writing from a man who is, in my humble opinion, a cream tea expert and Eating Exeter guest blogger.

Free From Fairy – Vicki writes exciting recipes and also about her adventures with intolerances and allergies.  A definite recommended read if you’ve just been diagnosed with a condition that effects your diet.

Devonium & Ant Egg Soup – Both of these excellent blogs are written by travel and food writer Natacha Du Pont De Bie who wrote Ant Egg Soup – Adventures of a Food Tourist in Laos who lives on Dartmoor.  If you’re feeling adventerous I’d recommend having a go at some of the recipes! Devonium is a really well written blog which I try to dip in and out of regularly.

Eat Out Devon Blog – The blog section of this fantastic directory based website which is updated sporadically, a really valuable resource!

Grazing Kate – I nearly met Kate once at the Live Love Eat awards, but I had to run off after the events so didn’t get a chance to say hello.  Kate is one of the inspirations behind Eating Exeter, having followed her blog before Pol and myself started Eating Exeter.  Kate travels Devon, writes about places she visits and things she makes. I like her style and one day, I will say hello to her.

James On Toast – James’s blog is a recently discovery.  Recounting his foodie adventures, he most recently went to Grillstock (so jealous!)…A newish blog, can’t wait to see what he has in store for us.

Live Love Eat – LLL was started by Vicky Glanville (a farmer’s daughter from the wilds of Hatherleigh) who runs, organises and coordinates things at Live Love Eat.  Not strictly a blog per se, but one of the best sources of information and food news if you’re new to the area.  They also run a really successful awards which has just started the voting process for the second year!

Piper’s Farm Blog – One of the rules of writing a good blog is being committed to the blog and updating it regularly. Piper’s Farm are really in touch with their social media and have ‘got’ blogging.  A really enjoyable blog from a producer!

Sugar Pink Food – Latoyah started her few years ago, and has gone from strength to strength with some amazing Simming World recipes and Dining Out reviews (we sometimes compare notes).  Lying at the top of my list of ‘blogs I look at regularly’, I really hope she finally scores some more success at this year’s blog awards.

Tara’s Busy Kitchen – This is a new gem of a blog that I have discovered recently. I love the photos, the layout and Tara’s travels.  If I could strip down Eating Exeter and have it looking like this, I would, but that’d just be copying. Right? 😉 Tara also visits places in Exeter (she recently hit Harry’s Restaurant as well and loved it as much as we did!).

Now its your turn…

If there are any food blogs (individual or producers…) that I simply MUST subscribe to then please let me know in the comments section.


2 thoughts on “Exeter/Devon Food Bloggers (a conversation starter for @DevonFoodHour) #devonfoodhour

  1. Thank you so much for the mention of tarasbusykitchen.com … I am proud of my little blog and I am honoured that you think it is “a gem” .. It makes me very happy!

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