The Pig & Pallet: Good Game’s new Deli Cafe

Exeter has a lot of cafes. It is definitely a hub of cafe culture in Devon, if not the South West, and it doesn’t seem to be relenting any time soon.  The newest, and certainly the most exciting to open for a while, is The Pig & Pallet which opened over the weekend on Topsham’s historic quayside.  The company behind this deli-cafe is Good Game, Exeter’s very own artisan charcuterie.

Good Game has developed a good reputation for some tasty smoked & cured meats over the last few years.  They appear at many of the local farmer’s markets and foody fairs that take place across Exeter and Devon, selling butchered cured meats, chorizo sausages, cooking sausages and a number of other self produced products that are available to buy online via their website or a selected number of suppliers (including Darts Farm). They have recently started supplying meat to River Cottage Canteens which really is a seal of approval for any small-scale producer.

Meat comes from their own drove of rare breed pigs, kept and reared at Powderham. Game comes from other local suppliers. The company are (to quote the blog on their website) “the only commercial charcuterie company in the UK who are completely Nitrate and Additive free…”, which fits in with their ethos of simple and uncomplicated manufacture.

I had the joy of meeting Pete Woodham-Kay and Steve Williams at The Pig & Pallet, brandishing our newly bought mugs (the offer was to bring a mug for the cafe to keep and get a free coffee or tea but we like all our mugs too much) and we met their assistant Jenny who was helping out with serving tea and coffee.  Pete and Steve have had a lot of help on their way to get the business set-up and established, but there we were sat in their own deli cafe at the beginning of what I hope, is going to be a golden mile for this awesome business.  I am completely bias as I love smoked meat, and after tasting some of their pastrami…yup, take my money now!!

The mastermind behind the construction and refitting of this former sail loft (the holes in the flooring are from sail maker’s pins!) was Pete who fabricated and fitted much of the interior from reclaimed pallets and other bits n pieces.  An organic design, the Council is yet to give them planning for the true capacity of the space.  It comes with a fully functioning ‘Pig Map’ and flashing ladybirds, and custom Pete Woodham-Kay ‘Pig Clock’.  The deli-cafe also includes a butchery area and deli counter where, you’ll be able to buy products off the bone for a reasonable price.

Good Game is also behind the hugely successful Topsham Beer & Bacon Festival which is due to happen again this year on Saturday September 12th.  I know this because that is my birthday AND I will be down there getting steadily marinated as the day goes on 🙂

I am intending on writing a product review for their Boar, Smoked Ham and Pastrami that we bought on Sunday afternoon, as it was simply the most delicious thing ever.  I really am bias.  Oh well!

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