Deliveroo in Exeter: The Review

I graduated 13 years ago, and I remember my time as a penniless library studies student in Aberystwyth with a relative amount of fondness.  One thing I don’t miss was the food, or the strange concoctions that I would throw together in order to impress potential girlfriends.  Although I enjoyed cooking, I was never very far away from somewhere that sold food which got me out of numerous culinary scrapes.  But if you wanted something delivered, the only option was a strange pizza shop that delivered called Hollywood Pizza. I think Dominoes finally landed after I left, but you had to go to the food.

I would love to be a student now, especially in Exeter.  There are so many options especially if you live close to the university or the centre of town. I can’t imagine myself going a week where I wouldn’t order a take-away or something that didn’t involve me leaving the house.  We live in such a foody city, and when new innovations come along that make being a foody even easier, I get a little warm glow inside because now students and residents of Exeter are able to order some of their favourite restaurant food from the comfort of their armchairs or office chairs.

Just over a month ago, I revealed that the restaurant food delivery service Deliveroo was coming to Exeter.  It launched a couple of weeks ago and now after a bit of bedding in, we were invited to give Deliveroo a whirl just to see how easy it was to order food and get it delivered.

The process is easy-peasy.  If you have an iOS device (iPad, iPhone etc.) then you can download the Deliveroo app.  Us Android users have to wait for the Android version, but it’ll be available for our devices soon.  In the meantime I used the online browser version, and live-tweeted the process as we went.

Deliveroo Review on Eating ExeterThe selection of restaurants that appear will depend largely on what postcode you live in.  Some postcodes in Exeter are not covered by the Deliveroo service, simply because they live too far away from participating restaurants. Through bitter experience, Deliveroo worked out that the optimum time to get food from restaurant to door was 9.5 minutes, anymore than this and the food would spoil.  The more restaurants that sign up to Deliveroo in Exeter, the larger the catchment area will become.

The variation of restaurants available gave us a really good scope of foods to go for.  Given we had a hankering for curry, we chose The Curry Leaf  (in New North Road).

If you’ve never used Deliveroo before, after you’ve made your food choices (and don’t forget to tip the driver!) you are prompted to input the important details like address and card details etc.  There is a £2.50 delivery charge which is cheaper than a bus in to town, or even parking.  Once your account is created, the page comes up confirming your order and (how cool is this), shows you the status of your order!  Watch it live. Or don’t…as it makes you hungrier.

Deliveroo Review on Eating Exeter

Once the order is placed, just sit back and wait.

Deliveroo Review on Eating Exeter

The whole process of ordering is beautifully hassle free, I am even tempted to say that it is even elegant.  Make sure you warm your plates up too!

Dead on time our food appears on the back of a bicycle pedalled by Dominykas.  Each driver has an app on their phone that they tap to say that their food has been delivered.  Once you have your food, if you have any problems then you’re in the hands of the Deliveroo support team.

Our Curry Leaf food was piping hot (custom designed carry bags keep everything toasty) and generally very nice.  I feel that they need a review in themselves as we loved the standard of food and to be fair it is to be expected from this award winning curry restaurant. 

We had a Chicken Bedamy Korma and a Malabar Chicken Masala which was, for lack of a better word, lushious.  The spices were fragrant and the whole thing was an absolute delight.  Very much beyond the realms of other delivered curries that we’ve had before.

So how do you do it?

  1. Head to and type in your postcode
  2. Choose your restaurant and then the food.
  3. Put in your payment details and address
  4. Wait and enjoy!

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