Nourish Festival 2015 – Photo Diary

One of my fondest memories in recent years, was attending a Spoken Word event in Bovey Tracey that I was performing at where, in a poetry competition, my wife managed to win a bowl made out of an old viynl record.  She managed to rhyme Tracey with ‘facey’, which was at the time nothing short of literary genius.  I can’t remember the whole poem but now and again we pass Bovey on the way to somewhere else, remembering this poetic related snippet of memory, and always reflecting on what a nice town it is.  The Devon Guild of Crafts is always such an inspiration, walking around the gallery of talent and art, the end result normally being a nice cup of tea in the cafe.

But this time, the thing that brought us to Bovey Tracey was the Nourish Festival.  It is a combination of craft, food and live music which takes over the centre of Bovey.  This is the second year its been running, and it is as popular as ever!

With all food festivals that I attend, I never managed to talk to every producer, but we did pick up some bits from a few producers who were producing/selling some gorgeous things.

I am presenting this write-up as a photo diary as there was so much going on, so many great shots taken which I couldn’t keep back from Eating Exeter’s dedicated readers.

Let me explain the photo of the car park.  Hang on hang on, its not a declaration of urbanisation on a field of lush green grass, but a commentary of how easy and delightful the car parking was.  The Nourish Festival is about the whole community, and although technically we were parked on the playing fields, the feeling throughout the whole event was that the whole community was behind the festival which gave it a really cohesive and inviting feeling.

Being able to walk up the street of Bovey Tracey was a surreal experience and it was a perfect setting for an event like this. The element of live music was an added bonus (I am sure someone can remind me of their name) as I’ve forgotten it!

Tori was in wheelchair mode this day.  She was in charge of photographs and some of the shots we were able to capture some excellent snaps from her level.  Given the surface of the road was lovely smooth tarmac, wheelchair access was generally a pleasure throughout the day.

We picked up some excellent chutney from Louise’s Larder who are based in Crediton.  It was really nice to meet someone who I follow on Twitter as well.

We grabbed something to eat from an excellent Hog Roast (name escapes me, but they were next to the Fancy-That tent) which kept us going.

This is an excellent festival that I hope dearly will be on again next year.  We met some excellent producers, had some lovely food and felt very welcome.  Better than the Exeter Food Festival? No comparison, but at least the Nourish Festival has parking 😉

If you want any high-res versions of any of the images then please drop me a line via the contact page.

5 thoughts on “Nourish Festival 2015 – Photo Diary

  1. it’s a fantastic event that we love being part of, this year we were able to bring our Lemon jelli van and also our new sapeur unit (our converted French fire engine).I love the black-and-white shots of me from the rear I look better from that side!!!

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