Join Plymouth Gin for a Voyage of Discovery at the Plymouth Seafood Festival

My culinary journey this year has been one of many discoveries.  One of those discoveries has been the fact that I actually quite like Gin.  We tasted some lovely Gin from Conker Gin at the River Cottage Summer Fair, and I suddenly realised that this stuff was actually alright.  Never having been a Gin fan, this conversion was almost spiritual.  So imagine my over-excitement when I got an email from Isobel from the PR company looking after Plymouth Gin and their Voyage of Discover at The Plymouth Seafood Festival.

The sad part is that I’m unable to go, but it sounds like so much fun.

Plymouth Gin is still produced at The Black Friars Distillery, the UK’s oldest, where in 1793 Coates & Co. set up shop, producing Gin for the British Navy.  The Naval love of this drink saw it shipped all over the world, and by the time the Mixologists bible, The Savoy Cocktail Book, was published, the brand was one of the only ones to be named in the publication due to the love of this particular brand.

…I am slightly jealous of Plymouth on this count!

Plymouth Gin is proud to be headline sponsor of the 2015 Plymouth Seafood Festival, taking place at Plymouth Barbican and Sutton Harbour on 26 and 27 September. Plymouth Gin will be inviting gin and seafood lovers to join a Voyage of Discovery during the Festival where they can explore the fascinating maritime heritage of the brand in its hometown.

Visitors will be provided a Voyage of Discovery Passport to enjoy a gin education session with Plymouth Gin International Brand Ambassador, Sebastian Hamilton-Mudge and pick up tips at the Cookery Theatre Stage. Each exciting activity earns a stamp in your Voyage of Discovery Passport. Three stamps will be rewarded with a free tour of the iconic Black Friar’s Distillery, home of Plymouth Gin.

Sebastian Hamilton-Mudge, International Brand Ambassador, Plymouth Gin said “Plymouth Gin has a rich and authentic heritage in the city of Plymouth, and we are incredibly excited to share the story of brand at the 2015 Plymouth Seafood Festival. It doesn’t end there – our on-going Plymouth Restaurant Partnership will extend the Voyage of Discovery for the local community and visitors to the city”.

When the festival is over, the journey continues: this time in partnership with five renowned Plymouth restaurants; Barbican Kitchen, Rockfish, The River Cottage Plymouth, The Glassblowing House, and Rhodes @ The Dome. For eight weeks, Voyage of Discovery Passport holders are entitled to a free Plymouth Gin Classic Cocktail when ordering dinner at any participating restaurant, and can request a passport stamp on ordering two courses. Customers who collect three stamps will be invited to take the Master Distiller’s tour at the Black Friar’s Distillery – a fascinating in-depth tour which includes the opportunity to learn the secrets of gin distilling and create their own gin recipe to take home.

Sarah Gibson (nee O’Leary), Plymouth City Council, said: “With Plymouth Gin’s help we’ve grown the event this year to support hundreds of Waterfront businesses, attracting even more visitors to enjoy the cafés, restaurants, pubs and shops in the historic heart of the city. The Plymouth Gin Voyage of Discovery is unique and exciting as well as educational. Joining forces with some of the most well-known Waterfront restaurants this will no-doubt be popular amongst those gin and food lovers out there.

To participate, festival-goers can collect their Voyage of Discovery passport at stands 16 and 17. For more information on the Plymouth Seafood Festival, visit and to explore more about Plymouth Gin visit

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