Reaping the whirlwind

Two weeks ago, Eating Exeter guest blogger, Ditch Townsend took to local and national headlines after his story was picked up by the local press. Thank you Ditch, for considering me your Mentor! 🙂 But ultimately the credit for such a well-written and unique blog is down to him. This is a very truthful insight in to how sudden fame can bring positives and negatives to any dedicated food blogger.

Devon Cream Teas

Four months in, with my viral moment’s no-show, it was time to take things to another level. As I’d learned elsewhere, trying harder leads to tiring harder. Trying different is where the action is (WARNING: risk of epic fail, or at least headaches). Enter the Press Release.

Devon man visits 250 cream tea shops

In less than 20 weeks, mid-Devon resident Ditch Townsend has visited 250 Devon shops selling cream teas, writing short, independent, honest reviews for his blog at two thirds of them. As well as seeking out and relishing the best, he says he is on a mission, “to eradicate the scourge of sugary red flavoured jelly blobs masquerading as jam,” and adds, “I want to see all Devon’s cream teas become great cream teas.”

Well who’d have thought that, as a BBC journalist subsequently told me, “Everyone loves a cream tea story.” (Actually, my Eating Exeter mentor

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