Exeter Cookery School: Day course on the 14th November at Sapphire Spaces

The first session from The Exeter Cookery School looks absolutely amazing!

Saturday 14th November 2015

A hands-on cooking course with an autumnal flavour packed with cheffy tips, tricks and ideas designed to make cooking at home for family and friends easy and stress free.

When: 9am-4pm on Saturday 14th November 2015
Where: Sapphire Spaces, Unit 3, Dart Business Park, Topsham, Devon, EX3 0QH
Cost: £149 (see what’s included below)

Autumn Menu

Couronne aux Herbes (twisted herb bread)
with Baked Mont d’Or Cheese

Braised Beef Cheeks with Clotted Cream Mash, Braised Savoy Cabbage with Bacon and Apple, Heritage Vegetables and Beef Sauce

Pear and Frangipane Tart with Ginger Ice Cream


9.00am: Coffee and introductory chat with Jim and Lucy
9.30am: Hands-on Prep & Cooking
11.00am: Coffee & biscuit break followed by more hands-on prep & cooking
12.30pm: Lunch
1.30pm: Hands-on Prep & Cooking
2.30pm: Coffee & biscuit break followed by more hands-on prep & cooking
4.00pm: End of cooking. Glass of fizz. Presentation of Certificate. A jute shopping bag in which to take home any goodies you made.

Skills Learned

  • Working with yeast
  • Kneading and proving bread dough
  • Making fresh pesto
  • Cooking, blending, passing and setting meat parfait
  • Trimming meat in preparation for cooking
  • Searing and braising beef cheek
  • Making roasted meat stock
  • Making a reduced sauce base
  • Sauce finishing and seasoning
  • Flavour enhancement through seasoning, reduction, flavour extraction
  • Prepare ahead techniques, i.e. blanching vegetables
  • Sweet shortcrust pasty
  • Making frangipane
  • Poaching fruit
  • Making a Crème Anglaise
  • Making ice cream
  • Modern presentation

What’s Included During the Course

  • Hands-on tuition by an experienced patient chef
  • All ingredients
  • Lunch (eat what you cook)
  • Wine with lunch
  • Exeter Cookery School apron
  • Tea, coffee and snacks throughout the day
  • Farewell glass of fizz

What You Take Home With You

  • Exeter Cookery School pen
  • Exeter Cookery School jute shopping bag
  • Exeter Cookery School folder containing info and recipes cooked that day
  • Take-home bag of dishes cooked during the day
  • Exeter Cookery School certificate

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