Eating Exeter Update – October

Well, summer has long gone. As I write this, there is water falling from the sky. I think its called ‘rain’, but I hear people call it ‘catzndogs’ too, so I might rename it something ‘autumnishere’ or ‘sodoff’.

Surrealism aside.  Keep your peepers peeled for some bits coming up on the blog over the next few weeks.

Riviera FM with Steve Price – Tonight I’ll be on Riviera FM at 6:30pm with my mate Steve, talking about all things culinary.  We’re even going to have a go at making some ‘Mug Cakes’.  Should be interesting!

Grand Final of South West Chef Of The Year – Thanks to Abi at OneVoice who offered me the chance to go to this prestigious competition on Thursday.  Its going to be a definite experience and half!

Culinary Adventures in Wimborne – I started writing this post ages ago, but for whatever reason stopped.  We went to visit our dear friends Polly (Eating Exeter co-founder) and Rob her lovely man, so I can finally put the last tweaks on and publish it.

The Beer and Bacon Festival – Another post I never managed to get around to writing.  It was such a great day, so I have some photos and a bit of narration to go up.

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