The Beer & Bacon Festival 2015: Good Game have done good!

My birthday falls on September 12th.  Working in the lovely world of education (as support staff not teaching btw) this is most probably one of the most inconvenient times which to have been born, as quite often the start of the new academic year falls slap bang on the day itself or very close to it.

This also means that one cannot have protracted days off which to celebrate the birthday unless it it on a Saturday.  And this year it was on a Saturday. Even better, it was on the same day that the Good Game organised Beer and Bacon Festival takes place, and this year it was being held on Topsham’s historic quayside.

The easiest way to get to it is by bus.  As of 2015, there is still a semi-regular bus service that goes from the quayside in to the centre of town.  However this is due to change with the reduction of services.  If its 2016 and you’re reading this, double check, it might not be running.

Topsham is one of the easiest places to get to with public transport.  The main road to Exmouth runs through it, and it has a station about half a mile from the quayside.  This is the sort of event you definitely don’t want to have to drive to.

Secondly, there are some excellent food stalls (Eat The Smoke, La Catina, Good Game themselves and others…) and a beer tent.  Its not a massive festival. Its about chilling on the quayside, enjoying fun times with friends or watching the paddle boarders as we did.

The community spirit is very much alive. Topsham is a lovely and welcoming town, and the Topshamites have definitely taken Good Game under their wing.  Exeter’s only charcuterie has really grown from strength to strength over the last few years.

The Pig and Pallet is worth a visit.  Based on the quayside, they are starting to do good food, and recently there have been some nice looking dishes emerging from the pallet based cafe.

The festival was great.  It could be larger, maybe more food, maybe more choice of ales from other parts of Devon, but much of this is about planning and how much of the space on the quayside would be able to cope with the crowds that would appear.  I hope it is able to run next year, and I hope I am able to visit it next year!

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