Eating Exeter Update (November-ish)

Life has somewhat got in the way recently.  Lack of money, lack of time and definitely a lack of energy has meant that EE had to be put on the back burner for a couple of weeks whilst I recharged my batteries, consumed Burger King Burgers and other assorted things that foodies just should not do.  We’re not really meant to admit it either… *hangs head in shame*

Next week I’m visiting Gus at Taco-Macho in Fore St. He’s been really keen for me to visit, so I’m going down to see what he does and see how awesome his food is for myself.  I’ve heard good things on the grapevine and have been meaning to visit for sometime.

Taco Macho

On Thursday we’ve got a meal at Orestone Manor in Torquay, a historical Hotel and Restaurant known for its prestige and heritage which I am very much looking forward to.

There are more things in the pipeline too, but can’t say too much at the moment.  Don’t forget to check out The Complete Dining Club for exclusive member offers.  Fancy being a member? Click the link on the right hand side and purchase a membership! ->

Food Magazine is also calling for nominations for their Food Reader’s Awards.  If you put down Eating Exeter for Best Food Blog, I wouldn’t be offended! But you only have this weekend to get your nominations in. Do it!! 

I am looking for recommendations for product reviews as well. If anyone has a particular local product you reckon should be reviewed on here, please send me an email via the contact page.




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