Grillstock to open in Exeter

The Dining Quarter is going to be one of the biggest things to hit Exeter next year, and one of the names that is coming is getting me very excited.  For the dedicated meat-heads amongst you, this is a definite bonus… scroll down for professional photographs and the press release!

Aviva Investors, the global asset management business of Aviva plc (‘Aviva’) announced today (18 November 2015) that American BBQ smokehouse, Grillstock will be the fifth restaurant to join Exeter’s exciting new Queen St dining quarter.

Grillstock signed contracts with Aviva Investors last week for their smokehouse restaurant which will face the newly remodeled Market Square, which with its amphitheatre-style seating areas, is set to become one of the main focus points of the whole £12m redevelopment.

Described as ‘meat, music and mayhem’, Grillstock began as an open air festival held in Bristol in 2010 which was so popular the founders quickly opened their first year-round smokehouse. Born out of a deep love for American BBQ and the culture that surrounds it. The Grillstock concept is simple, Southern style hospitality, ‘cooking meat with fire and smoke, all getting together around a big table with family and friends, kicking back to great music’.

Simon Green, Associate Director of Aviva Investors said: “Aviva Investors are delighted to announce that Grillstock will be coming to Exeter’s Queen St Dining. Their hugely popular smokehouses are lively and welcoming and provide an new ingredient in the mix of restaurants we have revealed to date. Work is really progressing well on the Queen St project and in addition to signing up tenants, we will shortly be announcing our plans for re-opening parts of the public realm, allowing shoppers to explore some of the newly re-modelled spaces in the lead up to the busy Christmas period, and get a glimpse of what is still to come.”

Jon Finch, Grillstock, Managing Director added: “We can’t wait to bring our Southern style hospitality to Queen St Dining. Grillstock will be cooking up a storm for Devon diners and visitors to Exeter from all over the world. Our smokehouse in Market Square will provide the perfect location for BBQ fans to appreciate our distinctive offering of authentic recipes, US beers and our relaxed, communal dining experience.” Grillstock currently has six smokehouses across the UK (Bath, Walthamstow, Leicester, Liverpool and two in Bristol), and hold annual open air live events in Bristol, Manchester and London. Like their sister restaurants, Exeter’s Grillstock will be taking ‘big hunks of meat and smoke them low ‘n’ slow fresh on site every day’.

When fully open, Exeter’s Queen St Dining will have eight restaurants in total along with wonderful new open air spaces designed especially for food events, markets and entertainment. Turtle Bay, The Stable, Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) and The Terrace have all been announced to date, with the remaining three restaurants to be named by Aviva in the coming months.

The Queen St project is seeing the Guildhall Shopping Centre’s neo-classical façade on Queen Street transformed, a new entrance from the high street is underway and the three public spaces within the centre itself are being re-invented: Market Square, bordered by amphitheatre-style seating areas, St Pancras Square overlooking the beautiful 13th-Century St Pancras Church and Goldsmith Square, making them all more welcoming and attractive to shoppers and diners alike. For further information about Grillstock visit for more information about the Queen St redevelopment, please visit:

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