Tara’s Busy Kitchen presents…Afternoon Tea

The concept of the ‘Pop-up’ has enjoyed a raft of success as a concept in recent years.  Pop-up shops, pop-up restaurants and even pop-up galleries make this a really sharp tool for creating a buzz and spreading word-of-mouth with ‘never to be repeated’ experiences (for instance having dinner in a polytunnel at Trill Farm).  In Exeter we are lucky to have at least three pop-up food events that happen regularly, and now we might be welcoming a fourth in the form of ‘Tara’s Busy Kitchen Presents…Afternoon Tea’

A High Tea Pop-up? Yup. Count me in.

Will there be cake? Yup.

Will there be tea? Yup.

Will there be sparkling alcoholic stuff from Sharpham’s Vineyard? Yup.

Tara’s Busy Kitchen is not just the name of the itself event but also a spiffing blog that is written by Tara Smith.  Ballet teacher by day, lifestyle-food blogger by night.  It was the first time that I had met a fellow Exonian blogger, and the first time I had met any blogger whose writing I read regularly.  It was strange how much information you are able to recall, and you realise just by the nature of blogging itself that writing a blog is a very personal thing.

Her writing has a clear voice.  Tara uses lots of photos and she has consistency which I wish I could replicate! So to be invited over for tea with a host of other foodies was an honour and a half

The baking was done by the hostess.  The sheer amount of prep work that went in to the whole thing was outstanding.  The baking, the vintage crockery, the tables, Tara had turned her modern living room in to a classic tea room setup which looked, for lack of a better word, awesome.

The tea was from Miles Teas, the sparkling white was a Sharpham’s Sparkling Reserva and the jams & condiments were from Louise’s Larder.

I liked the little goody bags we were given to take away and the little A6 sheet that gave all of the suppliers of the different elements.  The cosiness of our surroundings made the whole experience exceptionally welcoming to the lonewolf who suffers from social anxiety, there were no awkward moments and it was lovely talking to so many other foodies.

Unfortunately for Tara, she had quite a lot of washing up afterwards!

Tara has posted about the event on her blog, so go forth and read it. And subscribe to her blog too.








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