Eating Exeter – Christmas update

We have made it.  I am writing this on Boxing Day. The last few weeks (or months) has been leading up to Christmas Day, the Turkey has been eaten and most probably like other families across the nation, you have a fridge full of left-overs and will be eating bubble & squeak for the next three weeks.

We had a Hacking Family Christmas which included lots of food, the biggest trifle in the History of Trifles, deep fried Breaded Brie, an organic Turkey from Claire Abjohns out by Ottery St Mary and lots to drink.

Now the food is digesting, the presents opened etc. Life can continue.  I made a solemn vow that I wouldn’t be writing any blog posts over the Christmas period, but I have failed miserably.

I thought I would make some changes to the design (again).  I am trying to achieve a balance between minimal clutter, but still have important information on the sidebar.  I have sacrificed a few sections that were just messy, but we have a new ‘News & Events’ option at the top right along with the usual ‘Read Reviews’ option too.  I am trying to work out whether I am happy with having no categories at all on show, but I might cave in yet.

I have commissioned Tori to create some newer buildings for the front again, as the ones that I have are low-res and are not transferring over to the new design as well.  In the meantime I have selected some images from the Eating Exeter image archive to display on the header image section.

Eating Exeter now has a new domain name too.  Along with, I now own which is one of the newer suffixes that came in last year.  The email address is still the classic Gmail one, as I can’t be bothered migrating it over and it works nicely on my harem of digital devices.

You might also notice that there are no adverts.  This is because I have made a small investment to WordPress for more storage and a few other perks that should make life a little easier.

There is a sponge baking in the oven, it is coffee & chocolate which we are taking over to my grandfather’s when we visit later.

Look out for my write up or our La Belle Assiette evening, just waiting for the photos to come from the photographer and I’ll publish it.

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