Food Magazine’s Reader Award 2016 (and Exeter Living article)

In terms of the blog, this year has got off to quite a good start.  I found out yesterday that Eating Exeter had managed to get to the Grand Final at The Food Magazine Readers Awards 2016, which means an awards ceremony at Yeo Valley HQ and the possibility that I might win an award.  Although I doubt it highly, the experience itself will be enough to keep me happy.

reader-awards-logoIn my strange head, being nominated to the Grand Final is as good as winning.  So a massive thank you to everyone that voted, it never occurred to me that so many people actually read it.

Burger Article

And on the same day, my first attempt at freelance writing was published in Exeter Living!  The new edition is out now, and features a massive photo of a burger and my analysis of Exeter’s burger restaurants.

If the rest of the year carries on like it has so far, it might be world domination for me yet. Bwha ha ha…

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