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Chunk Pies of Devon – Turning the heat up…

I am dead excited at this new flavour of pie from local pie makers Chunk!

Inspired by a recent visit to Mexico by one of Chunk’s hunks, the award-winning Devon pie maker has launched a spicy new chilli Mex pie to turn up the heat on taste buds this January. Chief Pie Maker – Richard, now known to one and all as Ricardo – was so impressed with the tantalising flavours of the Mexican cuisine he experienced on his travels, that he returned to the UK with a burning desire to add a little heat to the Chunk product line.

In shops from 4th January, Ricardo’s Pie, is a delicious chilli pie jammed with vibrant peppers, highly nutritious kidney beans, mild chilli and saucy salsa – all packed with the flavours of Mexico. Offering a spicy alternative to Chunk’s homity pie or cheddar and onion pasty, Ricardo’s Pie is ‘mucho tasty’. It is also suitable for vegetarians, as it uses Quorn – a healthy source of protein – and is topped with crushed tortilla chips and mouth wateringly melty cheddar. Not to mention being encased in Chunk’s usual high quality of delicious hot water pastry.

Simon Bryon-Edmonds, Owner of Chunk, says: “We are always on the lookout for new and exciting products to add to our growing line, so it did not take much to convince us to try out Ricardo’s suggestion. Our recent Christmas product line – featuring hearty new Venison and Port Pie, Pork, Chicken and Ham Pie, Turkey, Ham and Cranberry Pasty and good old traditional Pork Pie – has been going down famously and we are confident that Ricardo’s Pie will be just as popular.”

Recipient of over 70 awards across its range of pies, pasties and savoury snacks, Chunk of Devon continues to challenge the stereotype of pies being stodgy, unhealthy food. With this new product, packed with healthy ingredients as well as being full of flavour, the producer is set to gain even more foodie fans.


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