New Pop-up Event! Introducing Pop-up Polsloe

POPUP POLSLOEExeter beams with a foody vibe these days, and with the growing trend for Pop-up dining events, it is thrilling to introduce a new Pop-up dining event on to the scene. Presenting Pop-up Polsloe!

“Pop-up Polsloe offers a unique alternative to restaurant dining but with flavours we hope can compete some of the best in the area. We will be “popping up” in various unusual venues in Exeter (the first is Chef Pegler’s dining room for example) – these will be confirmed as and when you book your spot via our facebook page. You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

At each event, guests will be treated to a lovingly designed menu, courtesy of the pretty amazing chef Pegler (more about him later). If you’re lucky, there might even be a complimentary cocktail thrown in! Fear not, you are also welcome (in fact encouraged) to bring your own bottles or even barrels! At the end of the evening, we will provide you with an envelope in which we kindly ask that you leave a contribution – the amount you truly believe your experience was worth.

A bit more about us!

Your chef is the award winning (so he tells me) Nick Pegler. Having worked in a load of fancy restaurants this guy really knows what he is doing! I might be a little bias, but he’s really not half bad! And I, Issey, am the brains behind this whole operation and will be looking after you!

For more details about our first event, including the menu please have a look at our facebook page and don’t hesitate to get in touch!”

Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Saturday 6th February’s event is all booked up, but the next one after this will be on Sunday 28th Feb.  Keep an eye on their social media for more info.

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