Fancy writing for Eating Exeter? Looking for guest bloggers!

Eating Exeter has evolved over the years.  Its not just restaurant reviews, I also write about dining events, launch parties and anything to do with ‘local food’ in Exeter & Devon. I was lucky enough to be a grand finalist at the Food Magazine Reader Awards this year which was a massive honour, one of the elements that has made Eating Exeter the awesome blog (gets out personal trumpet and blows it a bit) is that I love to accept guest posts from novice and experienced bloggers.

Most recently Ditch Townsend of  wrote some cream tea reviews for Eating Exeter, which were well accepted and a perfect example of the power of collaboration.  It’s really great to be able to get other writers perspectives, especially when you’re writing a blog which can, by definition, get very insular sometimes.

Payment is moreso in smugness and experience, but we are currently on course to broach the 4000 subscribers mark (through email subscriptions and social media) so Eating Exeter works as an excellent platform for those looking for a bit of exposure.

If you’re interested in writing a guest post, be it a review or covering a dining event in Exeter or Devon, please use the contact page and drop me a line. 

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