Breakfast at Harry’s Restaurant

86 Longbrook St, Exeter EX4 6AP  Tel: 01392 202234  Twitter:@HarrysExeter

I don’t get out much.  For someone that writes a food blog, you’d think that I spend my days frequenting fine restaurants and hob-nobbing with the fooderati of Devon, but unfortunately I pay my bills, not via writing, but through a standard job that pays wages. It has nothing to do with food and given I dwell under the umbrella of education means that days off where I can go and have a breakfast or a lunch is a complete treat.  With a couple of days off for half term, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to sample the newest breakfast offering in Exeter from one of cities most established restaurants.

You might remember that I absolutely loved my visit to Harry’s Restaurant last year  and that I also counted in one of my Top Three Dining moments from 2015.  So I was thrilled to be invited along to have a look-see at their brand new breakfast menu.

The menu is a classic affair produced using the same excellent ethos that makes this restaurant one of my favourites.  Fancy something small? Bacon Roll.  Fancy something light? Avacodo Smash.  Fancy something epic to keep you going for the rest of the day? The Works (£9.50).  And being the greedy sod that I am, it was an inevitable choice.

Meat is sourced from Heal Farm at South Molton.  The sausage was a wondrous cylinder of meat that kept its shape, it really stood out for me as a highlight; along with the thick cut bacon too.  The beans are neatly kept in a ramekin, not spoiling the rest of the food which baked beans have a tendency of doing.  I like baked beans, but often the tomato sauce spills everywhere and overpowers anything that it comes in to contact with.  Baked beans need control and discipline, and Harry’s have control of their baked beans.

There is flexibility.  If you don’t like something you can order it without, swap it and exchange it.  And you get a choice about how you have your eggs too.  Tori doesn’t like Black Pudding, I’m always game for something different so she was able to hold back the Black Pudding and have her eggs flipped.  The eggs came exactly how we asked for them, everything was cooked wonderfully. Faultless.

The fact that Harry’s Restaurant has started doing breakfasts doesn’t take away from the core of the business, that being producing amazing food to a carefully composed menu. They are unpretentious, friendly, flexible and I will definitely be back soon to have more.

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