Te Cakes, Exeter Farmer’s Market

Exeter’s Farmers Market takes place every Thursday from 10am – 2pm, they attract some of the finest producers from across Devon.  Along with the University Farmer’s Market, it gives producers who might not have the luxury of a permanent premises the chance to showcase themselves to shoppers and commuters.  The latest addition to the Exeter Farmer’s Market is Te Cakes, a patisserie that sells delicate and delicious cakes from their stall.

I was given the chance to have a closer look at some of their lovely products, so naturally I had to take them home and take photos of them. Because ultimately, that is what I do.

This is essentially patisserie porn, cake based erotica that will kill diets and shock your grandmother.

Blackforest Gateux – The chocolate has a beautiful bitterness to it, the chocolate tastes like a good high cocoa chocolate.  The mousse interior has a wonderful hint of cherry that infuses through the whole dessert.

Cheesecake Brownie – a soft base with a sweet chocolate taste to it.  The cheesecake seems to make a seamless transition from cheesecake to base.  It took me about half an hour to eat it as it was so wonderfully rich.

CoffeeMaratonCirca (16 of 21)

Pecan Tart – A soft sweet interior contrasting with a delicate and tasteful pastry outside really shows Dean’s skill.

Opera Cake (Te Cake stlye) – With raspberry buttercream and almond sponge, this classic French cake has a raspberry twist with delicious results.

CoffeeMaratonCirca (19 of 21)

Rum Cake – A Te Cake variation on the Rum Baba, this rum soaked lovely was by far our favourite (they were all lovely so actually that is a lie)

Te Cake is run by husband and wife, Dean and Sam who I had a brief chat with last week when I went to visit them.  Dean’s experience, along with his Corden Bleu training has given him an expert edge which is evident in the taste and quality of their fine fancies.



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