Greendale Farm Shop, Farringdon

I recently took a trip to Greendale Farm Shop that sits just outside Farringdon near Clyst St Mary.  Like many Farm Shops it has grown from small beginnings, and is now hub of local produce in what I am dubbing the Farm Shop Belt; this runs between Dart’s Farm near Clyst St George, Kenniford Farm Shop at the other end of Clyst St George, and ending with Greendale Farm Shop.

Nor am I going to compare Greendale to Dart’s Farm as they are very different beasts. Dart’s Farm has a larger floor space, more counters and many other areas beyond the food side, Greendale just about selling food.  They also have a cafe and if you fancy meeting some of the livestock, you can walk around some of the enclosures.

Greendale Farm Shop reminds me of a supermarket.  Entering in to the shop, the fish counter takes a proud place overlooking the space.

With a fleet of their own vessels, Greendale Farm has one of the best fish selections I’ve seen beyond a traditional fishmongers.  Live crab and lobster are kept in salt water tanks to ensure their freshness for customers.  Although I personally disagree with this ‘pick your own’ ethos when it comes to seafood, there is no better way to ensure freshness.

With a master butchers and cafe on site, this has to be one of my favourite Farm Shops, and certainly will be my go to place for crab or lobster, should I ever have the urge.

Photo credits to Kathleen Hacking 

2 thoughts on “Greendale Farm Shop, Farringdon

  1. I competently agree that there’s no comparing Greendale with Darts Farm, I think Greendale far outstrips Darts on so many levels. The fish counter is better than any other fish counter in Exeter, the meats are fantastic and butchers so helpful, their cheese counter is fab, and their fresh eggs just lovely we travel across from the furthest side of Exeter for them. Since their recent extension which extended the cafe and fish counter there’s nothing quite as good around. A proper farm shop done extremely well.

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