Eating Exeter Update – April

Well April is already here, and so far I’ve been as busy as ever with blog stuff.  Life and health has got in the way slightly more than last year, but the show continues as ever.

April is the highlight of the foodie calendar in Exeter with the fantastic Exeter Food Festival which took place over the weekend.  I wasn’t able to attend the festival, but the latest member of the Eating Exeter tribe, the wonderful Lauren Heath, has done a great write-up.

I want to give Lauren a big public thank you for all she has done so far, and I am officially welcoming as part of the ‘team’.  Its in inverted commas because essentially its just me, and Tori…kind of.  And the guinea pigs.  You’ll see more of Lauren’s foodie adventures appearing on the blog I hope.

So far this April:

Tomorrow I have another 10 Questions post (you’ll see more tomorrow) which I am really excited about.  I really like the 10 Questions format, and I really hope we can get some more 10 Question victims soon (there are a couple more in the pipeline already!)

As ever if there is an event you want to mention or somewhere you think myself or Lauren should review, comment on this post or contact us via social media or email.


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