Cuba Cantina, Gandy Street -by Lauren Heath


15 Gandy Street, Exeter, EX4 3LS. Tel: 01392 425200

Considering I work 3 doors down from this new foodie venture, I’m not quite sure why it’s taken me this long to eat in there.  I have had a few nosey’s, and walking past it every lunch time I’m pleased to say others have happily wandered in more easily. Perhaps it is because I lunch alone most days; it seems to be the sort of place for sharing with others.

Don’t necessarily be fooled if it looks too quiet or empty downstairs.  There are 3 great rooms upstairs for chilling in.

Pay day swung round and my fellow colleagues, with the same burning question (why haven’t we been?!) agreed we should spend our hard earned dough on some tortillas!

There’s no walk through of my meal experience needed here. In short, there is great music, smiling faces, a hot counter with fillings, a cold counter with toppings and a very cool (or rather hot) rotating tortilla/wrap spinning warmer contraption.

Food was made up in front of us within minutes, with a medium burrito stuffed with rice, pulled pork, spicy sauce, guacamole, sour cream etc and a can of coke coming in under £5. All very well wrapped to hold everything in…until you get to the end when all the juicy goodness is escaping and you try eat that last mouthful – a satisfying challenge!

One of my colleagues who had the chicken burrito, also chose the nachos as an extra to share, and they were well topped and delicious-and I’m an avid nacho maker at home. It’s not gastronomic, but it’s not meant to be.  It was flavoursome, filling and delicious. Isn’t that all we want?

My colleague hit it on the nose – it’s like a Cuban version of a Subway – fresh, fast food and affordable…but in very individual surroundings. I’ve noticed queries about whether the menu actually reflects Mexico as opposed to Cuba – having looked this up they are in fact very similar cuisines but Cuban uses more citrus flavours as opposed to the heat of Mexico.

They have deals on for a bucket of beer and plenty of other drinks on offer if that’s what you want with the gang and are open late into the evenings, great for a chill out evening with your friends.  So bring your dough, and get some tasty tortillas – to eat in or for on the go.

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