Veg In A Box

I’m not a very fussy eater, I tend to eat everything and anything that comes my way.  But like many of us, eating greens can be something that slips the mind sometimes.  The healthy lifestyle that many of my friends and colleagues strive to achieve will sometimes be the last thing that crosses my mind.

If it wasn’t for my wonderful wife who is certainly an expert in the kitchen (despite what she might say…) my notion of a balanced diet would have more to do with not falling over after eating too much BBQ, rather than making sure I consume a range of vegetables and fruits with all the nutrients that I need to live.  Thanks Tori!

In recent years consumers have become more aware of healthy eating and with the greater appreciation for food miles, organic farming and supporting local businesses being factors that effect buying decisions.

The need for good quality produce, the convenience of delivery and often a variety of items that might not be available from the supermarkets have opened the door for companies that offer delivered vegetables to your door.

You might remember Lauren’s 10 Question Interview with Veg In A Box a few months ago; last week we received an EPIC delivery of items from Veg In A Box, and I just had to write a little something to publicise what they are doing and sing their praises.

Visit the Veg In A Box website


Not long ago Julie Corcutt and Bela Dobrovenszk started Veg In A Box, a company that produced pretty much that, fresh veg delivered to customers doors in boxes.  I’ve watched the company grow through social media and its inspiring to see how popular Veg In A Box has become.

And it isn’t just veg…recently they started The Devon Meatbox Company, delivering locally reared, good quality meat to customer’s doors. And, they are incorporating other products within their boxes too!

Having veg delivered to your door takes out the fuss of choosing veg from supermarkets that have most probably been handled by others, it means you get THE best quality veg and you feel valued as a customer by a personal delivery service.

Tori has an excellent recipe for slow roasted lamb, and with some of the ingredients we received from Julie and Bela, we have just had an excellent slow roasted Lamb shoulder this evening.  Come back in a few days and we shall have some photos and a method for you to have a go for yourself.

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