The Ultimate Hornbrook Brunch – Ham, eggs and black pudding.

One of my favourite flavour combinations has to be Ham & Egg.  Chef Tom Allbrook has come up with this scrumptious recipe with these two elements and with the added loveliness of Black Pudding.  Another exclusive Recipe Of The Week for Eating Exeter!



  • Slices of good quality bread (better if homemade)
  • 2 Slices good quality ham (I buy a piece of ham at the butchers and then cook it at home with honey and mustard. This then gives you ham for a couple of dishes and is a great way of doing it.)
  • 4 Pack Black Pudding

Prep time 5 minutes Cook Time 8-10 minutes

Place the black pudding in a bowl and crumble it with your hands, then add it to a frying pan set on a medium heat, to cook through and go crispy and crumbly. Whilst you are doing this put a pan of water on to simmer but not boiling. Slice your bread and place it under the grill. This, when grilled, I brush with half a garlic glove which really adds to the taste, though you can of course use butter.

Stir the water and add a drop of cider vinegar which I find helps the eggs to set and then crack the eggs into the water. Cook for around 4 minutes and you will have the perfect poached egg. For the best results use fresh free range eggs. Assemble the dish, by placing the sliced ham on top of the toast, add the egg and scatter over the black pudding. Season and drizzle with a little oil.

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