Burts Spicy Chorizo and Chicken Club Sandwich

Writing Eating Exeter exposes me to a wealth of talented chefs and some of the best food that Devon has to offer.  But unlike many food bloggers, I’m actually a little limited in the kitchen.  Tori is my resident cheffy expert (even though she would never admit it) but recently an opportunity appeared for me to try some recipes that were well within my culinary abilities.

Bristol born TV chef Dean Edwards and Burts Chips, makers of artisan hand-cooked potato crisps, have just announced the search for the Ultimate Crisp Sandwich. I was asked to get involved to see what I thought of some of the recipes and to even come up with my own. For a closer look, have a look at the Burts website!

You’ll probably recognise Dean from Masterchef and his residency on ITV’s Lorraine. He has used Burts’ legendary range of core flavours to create eight big, bold sandwiches and put the crunch back into lunch.  I’m not making all eight, but I have selected a few that really took my fancy.

So armed with a giant box of Burts Crisps, some big bouncy bread and some crack-pot ideas, Eating Exeter presents ‘Gourmet Crisp Sandwiches’ or #projectcrispsandwich.

Crisp Sandwich Number 1 – Spicy Chorizo and Chicken Club Sandwich

I love Chorizo, it has to be one of those foodstuffs that I could eat solely for weeks.  So skimming through the recipes I was sent this one jumped out at me.  Using the ‘Spicy Chorizo’ flavour, Chorizo being provided an Eating Exeter favourite, Good Game of Topsham, we used some of the veg that we had been sent from Veg In A Box to top off this delicious club sandwich.


Recipe Credit: Burts Chips

Burts Spicy Chorizo and Chicken Club Sandwich (makes 2)


 2 x 40g packs Burts Spicy Chorizo crisps

 12 thin slices of chorizo (try from The Well Hung Meat co)

 2 small ready cooked chicken breasts shredded

 2 tbs mayonnaise

 ½ baby gem lettuce shredded

 2 tomatoes sliced

 6 slices of bread buttered on one side


1. In a pre heated pan cook the chorizo for around 30 seconds each side until crispy then set aside

2. Reserve any oil that comes out (if any) to stir through the mayonnaise.


3. Use the mayonnaise to bind the shredded chicken then build the club by adding a bottom layer of tomato, lettuce and chicken and then a top layer of crisp chorizo and Burts Spicy Chorizo crisps.


4. Top with a third round of bread. Secure with two cocktail sticks and slice diagonally.  ….or not in my case.


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