BLT & Chorizo Club Sandwich

#projectcrispsandwich continues and this time we present one of our own creations.  Head over to Twitter and search under the hashtag #UltimateCrispSandwich and you’ll see lots of people either making some of the sandwiches that were suggested by Chef Dean Edwards who is working with Devon based Burts Crisps for this summer campaign.

So we thought we could do one better.  The BLT & Chirizo Club Sandwich, a simple addition to the classic BLT that you can pick up in shops, but with the added layer of Burts Spicy Chorizo Crisps and Fried Chorizo.

This is based on the Spicy Chorizo Club sandwich that we made last week, replacing the Chicken Breast and Mayo with Bacon so can’t really take a huge amount of credit.

So what do you need for this crisp sandwich?

Handfuls of Burts Sea Salt or Spicy Chorizo Crisps

1 Large tomato

Lettuce, depends on personal preference for quantity

Mayo – 2 tbsp

6 Slices of bacon – preferably Pipers Farm Smoked Back

Fried chorizo – preferably Good Game, but if you must cheat then 14 slices for two

6 slices of white bread.

Cut the bread.  This is important as you won’t be able to do much else with it.

Build the sandwich from the bottom up – start with tomato, lettuce then bacon.

Then add the extra layer of bread, smother with the Mayo…

Add Burts Spicy Chorizo Crisps and finally add the chorizo.

Deviously simple but very tasty!



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