Exeter Cookery School: The launch – by Chris Gower


On Friday night I was chuffed to be invited along to the launch of Exeter Cookery School. A fantastic development on Exeter Quayside providing quality cookery education; from patisserie to meat, you can learn from some of the best culinary talents on the beautiful quayside at the heart of Exeter.

It was a year ago that we celebrated their initial launch at Sapphire Spaces.  Since that initial launch, Jim and Lucy have been busily spreading the word and networking their socks off to raise awareness and bring Exeter Cookery School in to the limelight.

We’ve really been rooting for Jim and Lucy from the start. Two lovely individuals who have worked tirelessly to spread the word in the year or so that the school has been readying. Slowly but surely it has come to fruition, and last night the great and the good of Exeter came to raise a glass and eat some canapes in their honour.

Then with some awesome people we headed over to Pizza Stein who were incredibly accommodating and let us have the last few dough balls left. Beautiful pizza, amazing company and funky tasting raspberry beer.

Thanks to Pizza Stein for being so accommodating and for the free bread and olives too!

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