10 Questions for Latoyah from Sugar Pink Food – by Chris Gower

Not long after I started Eating Exeter I noticed a new blogger in town.  Like me, she wrote reviews of places to eat in Exeter but also killer recipes and product reviews.

On my list of ‘blogs I read’, Latoyah Egerton’s blog Sugar Pink Food is one of my top reads; her passion for good food and warm nature come across in her compelling writing style that I enjoy.  I recently met Latoyah for the first time, we both commented how strange it was knowing so much about someone and their escapades, yet never having met them in person!  She is certainly one of my favourite food bloggers.  Latoyah also has reached the finals of the National Blogging Awards three years in a row.  I am rooting for her to get the top spot in her category next year as she certainly deserves it.


Sugar Pink Food is a go-to blog for foodies on the Slimming World diet too; recently a friend of mine said that his daughter was following this plan, and without hesitation I recommended Latoyah’s blog.  A couple of month’s later he was singing her praises, showing how easy it was to make tasty  yet healthy food that wasn’t bland and soul destroying.

In the second of a series of 10 Questions about local Devon Food Bloggers (third if you include Tara’s Busy Kitchen last year), I asked Latoyah 10 Questions.

1. How long have you been blogging, was there anything in particular that got you interested in it?

About 3 years ago my boyfriend bought the domain name www.latoyah.co.uk for me, just because I am lucky enough to have an unusual name that hadn’t yet been taken! For a while it was just an empty landing page and I decided I would start posting recipes for myself as a personal storage place. People started visiting my website and as more people visited the more work I put into the page itself and really it just grew from there! I always wanted to be able to make and create and I think cooking is the only form of making things I am actually good at!!


2. If you had to have a final meal (moving away for instance) in Exeter, where would it be?

I think I would go to Côte Brasserie for their consistently high standard of food, I hate to pick a chain, but it is one of the only places I have eaten in Exeter that has served a perfect meal every single time we have visited (upwards of 10 times!). If I had to choose an independent restaurant it would be Hubbox for their amazing burgers.

3. What has been your ‘blogging highlight’ since you started Sugar Pink Food?

This is a tricky one! I have been really lucky and had some great opportunities through blogging. I think one of my main highlights was when my friend, who had gone travelling to New Zeland, said she was shown a recipe from a blog one of her roommates followed- and it was mine! To think that someone the other side of the world had read and saved one of my recipes is amazing!


4. What annoys you the most when you’re in a restaurant, a pet peeve?


I really hate when restaurants serve food on anything other than a plate! I get that you’re trying to make your food look good, but there’s no need to serve that breakfast on a shovel…

5. You produce some amazing slimming world recipes, what advice would you give someone who is just starting out on the slimming world journey?


Being on Slimming World means you can still eat the food you love, just in moderation. Never deprive yourself. If you want some chocolate, allow some syns during the day to have some chocolate, that way you shouldn’t fall off the wagon! Also drink at least 2 litres of water a day.

6. If you were stranded on a desert island with one electrical socket, what one kitchen appliance would you take with you?

The only practical appliance I could think of needing would be a slow cooker so I could make some yummy slow cooked meals.

7. When you’re not blogging about food or creating delightful recipes, what do you do during the day? 

I recently started a new job as a quality analyst.


8. You’ve reached the final of the nationally recognised UK Blog awards three years running, and you’re in the Top 100 Food blog lists too! For anyone starting to blog, what tips would you give them?

Make sure that you are writing about something you are passionate about and remember that ‘free stuff’ is never actually free. A lot of people have seen some of the things I have been sent and said ‘I am going to start a blog too if you get sent stuff’. You have to take the time to photograph, review and write all about any products you’re lucky enough to be sent for review, so it is actually very time consuming!

9. Red or White wine?

White wine every time!

10. If you could cook with any celebrity chef, who would it be?

I would love to cook with Jamie Oliver, I think of him as a proper home cook and I think we would have a laugh!

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