REVIEW: Artizan Gallery – Soft Coffee Cafe, Lucius St, Torquay

7 Lucius Street Torquay TQ2 5UW

Ph: 01803 428626

Torquay is one of my favourite parts of Devon. It has palm trees, beaches, lots of quirky independent shops, strange parking regulations and an even stranger one-way system.  It does have a distinctive Bohemian side that is often underrated and a burgeoning arts culture that makes me feel quite at home.

As a performance poet in my other life, I’ve spent a lot of time trekking between Exeter and Torbay on the train or driving down, enjoying such cafes as The Blue Walnut Cafe in Chelston with its tiny cinema and the various spoken word events that have taken place there over the years and The Epicentre Cafe in Paignton that closed a few years ago.

My new favourite cafe in Torquay that isn’t The Blue Walnut is The Artizan Gallery’s Soft Coffee Cafe in Lucius Street, a quirky gem that sits behind The Artizan Gallery.


In Exeter we have The Glorious Art House, a fantastic independent cafe that caters for those craving a bit of boho in the most bohemian part of Exeter.  Torquay has The Artizan, a venue to events such as Stanza Extravaganza that happens every month on a Monday night.

Coffee is great value using Maisies Devon Roasted coffee, and a small range of locally produced cakes are on offer too.  The garden is a small space of serenity under the awning of an old sail, there are works of art scattered across the wall spaces, all for sale and produced by local artists.

The energy (I don’t often use this as a gauge of quality in reviews) of calm that this place eminates is quite infectious.  The hustle and busyness of Lucius Street fades in to the background once you step in to the gallery, but the cafe takes you even further in to this bubble of peace.

The range of food is relatively small, but you’re welcome to purchase items from the local bakery and bring them back if you want something beyond one of the lovely cakes.

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