10 Questions for Marcus from the CountryWoodSmoke Blog & UK BBQ Magazine

Marcus Bawdon is a bit of a personality on the UK BBQ scene.  Being editor of the UK BBQ Magazine and writer of the fantastic CountryWoodSmoke blog, he regularly judges at Grillstock and has a wealth of knowledge about BBQ that just stretches off in to the distance!  He has given workshops, been published in the Telegraph Food section and is

When I first started blogging about food in earnest, Marcus was one of the first bloggers I had contact with after he commented on one of my early posts.  Since then I have eagerly followed his adventures via his blog and social media too.  So I threw 10 Questions at him to see what makes him tick.


At the weekend, Marcus will be appearing at the Powderham Food Festival with other local BBQ’ers in the”Theatre of Fire and Smoke”! This will include demos, watching the BBQ masters at work!

Recently he invited me and a few other foodies to witness some BBQ magic at CWS HQ.  Read about it here!

1. How long have you been blogging? Did you set out cover BBQ initially or has this been something that has evolved over time?

I started CountryWoodSmoke 5 years ago. It was initially a record of my wood fired oven build, but people seemed to enjoy my recipes and pics…so did more and more, the bbq has definitely grown in the last few years.

2. When you’re not writing about BBQ, what keeps you busy?

Family… I have 3 lovely little ones who are little foodies already.


3. What is your favourite piece of BBQ equipment you currently own at the moment?That would be like saying which is my favourite child….I like to use the relevant bit of kit for the food I’m cooking…. Wood fired oven for pizza, smoker for low n slow, grills for high heat grilling.

4. Meat is important in any cooking, I imagine this is the same for BBQ.  Where do you get your meat from?

I’m very particular about the meat I feed my family and friends, I get a lot from a local butcher and from my lovely friends at the Devon Meatbox Co. there are some great producers such as Forest Beef who do some wonderful Longhorn Beef. I also get sent some epic dry aged Aberdeen Angus beef from a butcher friend in Aberdeen, Andrew Gordon.

5. So, if you were stranded on a desert island, do you reckon you’d be able to catch animals and roast them slowly over a makeshift BBQ?

Absolutely….but I am a bit of a softie when it comes to killing animals, and if I ever have to, do it with the utmost respect. I was a vegetarian for 14 years…


6. I love the UK BBQ magazine that you edit. For those who might not know what it is, what is it and how can we download a copy?

Thank you, there was a massive gap for an independent online BBQ magazine for the UK, so I started UK BBQ Mag, you can pick it up for free at www.ukbbqmag.com it’s free to subscribe.

7. For anyone reading this who might be thinking about taking their BBQ more seriously, what tips would you give to someone who wanted to go beyond sausages and burgers?

Start simply with a large kettle BBQ with a lid, learn to cook with 2 zones, direct and indirect with the lid on.

8. Gas or Charcoal?

Charcoal, but I was recently sent a huge gas BBQ with a smoker box that I’m cooking on that is brilliant.

9. What is the most exotic thing you’ve BBQ’d?

A whole pigs head recently, made wonderful rich pulled pork.

10. And finally, is there a person/s in the BBQ world who you particularly admire? Anyone who particularly inspired you when you were first getting in to BBQ?

It would have to be Francis Mallmann, the super inspiring Argentine chef who cooks on fire. I was particularly inspired by Steven Raichlen, Adam Perry Laing and Dr BBQ (Ray Lampe).

Follow Marcus on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.  Download your the latest copy of UK BBQ Magazine too!

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