Southcombe Farm – Devonshire Grass Fed Lamb by Caroline Gee

I recently bought some reasonably priced British lamb chops from a supermarket and enjoyed them simply pan fried. Then I got a chance to sample some North Devon lamb chops that come direct from the farm and the difference in taste was incredible – not to mention actually cheaper per kilo than the supermarket. You can taste the different grasses, wild flowers and herbs that the lambs graze on their whole life.


Southcombe Farm near Holsworthy is nearly 50% lush Devon Culm, which is managed traditionally and non-intensively.  No chemicals or artificial fertilisers have been used on the meadows for well over 18 years.


I’m a fan of reducing air miles where possible and therefore find it incredible the amount of New Zealand lamb that is stocked in the supermarkets, regardless of the air miles.  We do lamb so well in this country!

If you want to try out some Devonshire lamb (and not forgeting Hogget or Mutton), click on the link below, which includes details of a special offer on half or whole lambs with free delivery between Bude and Exeter, that works out around £8/kg – offer until the end of October 2016.

Also available from the deep freeze at the farm: Individual lamb chops, shanks, cutlets, mince, neck, liver and mutton sausages.


My leftover lamb tips:

Chops/steaks/shoulder etc – chop it up and mix with fresh mint and mayo for a super tasty sandwich filling. Also tasty cold with a salad/couscous for lunch

Sausages – take the meat out of the casing and fry with onions then add tomato pasta sauce/make one up and serve with pasta – a little goes a long way


Written by: Caroline Gee, Exeter dweller who can’t go 5 minutes without thinking about food. Hugely into local produce; talking about food for hours; taking a recipe and making it my own; reducing food waste and regularly doing a ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’ style session in my kitchen.

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