Vagabonds Milkshake Bar, Crediton – by Lauren Heath

Vagabonds Milkshake Bar, 109 High Street, Crediton, EX17 3LF

15 minutes west of Exeter, in the town of Crediton, is Nicole the Milkshake Lady – a super friendly and cool young woman who’s passion shines across the milkshake bar. Previously working in other milkshake establishments, she realised her passion and opened her own bright pink shop on Crediton High Street 4 years ago.


She named it Vagabonds in honour of her childhood favourite cool cafe; a word that normally means no fixed abode, Nicole’s interpretation is more a rebelious and free one, using the word to mean she doesn’t have to stick to one thing and she can delight her customers with whatever her creative taste buds come up with. She also takes her sweet treats away from the shop to cater at weddings and parties.

After overcoming the pinkness and entering through the door, you are greeted by…well, a milkshake bar. What surrounds it is every chocolate wrapper known to man and, to the left, is the extensive menu.

There is a sofa for resting on and staring at the menu if you are unable to make a decision, or if on consumption brain freeze hits and you are comatosed by it all.

Nicole is very passionate about everything sweet, ice cream and milkshake related so is only too pleased to help you choose or realise your dream milkshake medley. With Autumn firmly settling in, she has updated the menu to include hot chocolate shakes too. Other options include smoothies, healthy shakes, yoggies (frozen yoghurt drinks) as well as vegan shakes (soya milk, soya ice cream and dairy free jugs – ooh err) so those with dairy allergies or dietary preferences can enjoy something too!

With my hubby being a chilli head, he was her first chilli chocolate milkshake – by my suggestion, it was teamed with another one of his favourite things – a daim bar. A toffee triumph with a warmth at the back of your throat, he approved of this milkshake debut. Our son is a mint freak, amongst other things, and so he had a mint milkshake mixed with oreos. This gave a lovely biscuity crunch to the drink and was not sickly at all.

I love peanut butter and so opted for Nicole’s suggestion of Reeses peanut butter cups mixed with rocky road, with swirls of chocolate sauce and some whipped cream on top for good measure. Totally tasty, not sickly, very well balanced – it was delicious.

There is an ice cream counter if you feel like keeping it simple or a frozen yoghurt machine. This clever little machine also does some ice cream flavours, including cappuccino with chocolate chips which I tried and the quality was fab and of course delicious. Nicole and her ice cream machine can be hired for weddings and other events if you are after something a little different for the main event or even for the evening do.

With well over 1,000 followers on both her Facebook page and Instagram, and 5 star comments to match, this has established Vagabonds as a firm favourite for locals as well as holidaying regulars who visit en route to their yearly Devon or Cornwall break and is a treat for children and adults alike. So if you feel like a treat, head to Crediton High Street, and find a milkshake that suits your personality or mood. Can’t decide? Ask Nicole for a suggestion, she’ll conjure somethingup for you like the cool Mrs Willy Wonka that she is.


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