Why Would a New Yorker Move to a Little Village in Devon to Sell Chicken Wings?

What would make someone in their 20’s move from New York to the village of Croyde in Devon?

Well, it turns out, to sell the American staple food, chicken wings!

Having been born and raised in NY and spent three years studying Food Service and Event Management at NYSU Oneonta, Lauren McGill moved to Manchester, England for the final semester of her college degree. She never intended to stay much longer than the original semester, but having met her now partner, Si on an airplane heading out on an impromptu trip to mainland Europe, she stayed a little longer. Then, after going to a few UK festivals and street food events they knew something was missing from the food line ups… authentic New York style chicken wings!

Now, you wouldn’t have thought that the little of village of Croyde (where Lauren and Si were now living) would be the best place to start selling New York style chicken wings, so that’s why they started a food truck and now travel around the UK feeding those crying out for some authentic wings, having traded at Grillstock, the UK’s biggest BBQ festival, the NFL in London and the British Street Food Awards, demand keeps on growing – having been invited to trade at the award winning street food event, Street Food Circus and with big plans for 2017.




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