Vegans to Celebrate with First National Festival

The Vegan Festival of Britain

20 May –10 June 2017

From Aberdeen and Newcastle to Bristol, Exeter and Norwich, events are taking place all over the UK as part of the first Vegan Festival of Britain.

The three-week festival has been coordinated by Animal Aid to celebrate its 40th anniversary. The idea is for the rapidly growing vegan movement to inspire others by displaying its full range of creative talents. Events already organised include:

Food and living festivals

Cookery demonstrations

Restaurant promotions

Vegan markets

Talks and cookery lessons offered to every secondary school in the UK

A sponsored bike ride.

The Vegan Festival of Britain is to be launched at Vegfest UK, Bristol – Europe’s biggest vegan gathering – on 20 May, where 2000 slices of a giant vegan birthday cake will be handed out to the public.

Festival Organiser Mark Gold said today:

Few will deny that veganism is the diet of the moment, with opinion polls showing a massive rise in the number of people switching to plant-based nutrition. But as well as celebrating this surge in popularity, the Vegan Festival of Britain is looking to the future, with a nationwide programme of events to whet the appetite of all those who are open to the growing evidence that vegan food is better for our health and the environment and, of course, better for animals. What’s more, the food is fabulous!

For more information on The Vegan Festival of Britain – including a full list of events and a history of Animal Aid – go to

Three events will be held in Exeter during May and June, see the dates and details here.

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