An evening of fire and meat with Dean Forge at Pipers Farm

The perfect duo, Dean Forge and Pipers Farm recently hosted an evening full of meat and fire in the rustic event space at Pipers Farm, in the heart if the Devon countryside. Local bloggers and journalists came together to experience the full capabilities of some of stove manufacturers, Dean Forge’s most popular products, the Dartmoor Baker and their large fire pit.

Guests gathered around the fire pit to warm up as Pipers Farm owner, Peter Grieg cooked chicken wings, pancetta, beef and a tray of root vegetables over the hot coals. Inside, seated on hay bales, the group marvelled at the quirky Dartmoor Baker, which slowly cooked a full chicken and a tray of sausages in its integrated oven.

Simon Chew, director of Dean Forge, followed dinner with the lowdown on Dean Forge, fielding questions from guests, in awe of the Dartmoor Baker – a woodburner with an oven!

For more information, visit or call the showroom on 01364 643 57


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