Absurd Bird Launches Wings Challenge Eating Competition

Photos courtesy of Absurd Bird/Attention Media

The unique chicken restaurant, Absurd Bird, is launching an Absurd Bird Wings Challenge across its stores, on Monday 13th of March at 6:30pm. This will see customers attempt to eat 24 chicken wings as quickly as possible in a timed eating contest!


To add to the excitement, Kate Ovens from The Lad Bible is taking on the challenge this weekend, ahead of the launch date, hoping to set a show-stopping time to beat on the night.

The Deep South inspired restaurants, famed for their flavorsome and juicy chicken wings, will be welcoming participants to the launch night, daring them to ‘beat the bucket and be on the board’, with the winner of the best time at each event crowned Absurd Bird Wings Challenge Champion.

Kate, from Lad Bible, explains: “24 wings may not sound like a big deal, but I have had Absurd Bird wings before and they pretty meaty. I’m determined to set a bad ass time and do The Lad Bible proud. Watch out next week for the video of me getting stuck into the wings!”


Following the launch events on Monday 13th March customers visiting any of the Absurd Bird stores will be able to take on the challenge to beat the record, make it onto the leaderboard and get the wings for free – and of course respect and kudos for their chicken eating achievement!
Mark Hall, Absurd Bird Operations Director, says: “We think the Wings Challenge is a really fun idea and is the perfect fit for Absurd Bird. It’s a brand with a sense of humor and we think our customers will have a lot of fun with it!”


When customers choose to take on the Wings Challenge, their waiter or waitress will time how long it takes for them to make their way through the full bucket. Those who manage to beat the record, will have their names added to the leader board as well as receiving their wings for free. If participants fail to beat the record, they’ll have to pay the usual price of £24!


Mark adds: “The Lads Bible will be back for the launch night to see if they can hold onto their title, but the different stores are already getting competitive, seeking out chicken eaters they think will not only beat The Lad’s Bible, but will win their restaurant the overall best time on launch night. It really is going to be a showdown not to miss!”

Absurd Bird has started releasing warm-up tips and tricks to help challengers give it their best shot but have warned that it isn’t for the feint hearted.
There are currently four Absurd Bird stores, which can be found in Spitalfields and Soho, London and Exeter and Bath, which both opened in 2016.

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