Devon food on the telly!

It seems like the rest of the world is realising how epic Devon is becoming as a hub of everything good when it comes to food we serve in restaurants and food produced by those businesses that reside here in our majestic county.

Pig and Pallet

I was dead excited to see Steve and Pete from Good Game with Kate Humble on ‘Back To The Land’ this evening on BBC 1.  Access it on iPlayer here

Since the guys set up shop, I’ve been a massive fan of their charcuterie and their wonderful restaurant The Pig and Pallet.  Read our review of The Pig and Pallet here.

Also included in the program is Bell & Loxton and their cold pressed Rape Seed oil which is worth seeing on many levels (I have always had a bottle on my shelf, it has such an exceptional taste) and The Dartmoor Shepherd, producers of Gourmet lamb reared from traditional Devon varieties.

River Exe Cafe

Then last week The River Exe Cafe was featured on Channel 4 in Michel Roux Jr’s Hidden Restaurants program.  Access it here on Channel 4’s catch-up service

Head chef Chris cooked up some Mussels cooked in Smoky Bacon and Cider, which Michel commented had been cooked to perfection.

The River Exe Cafe is opening very soon.  Pre-book your place as I bet this year is going to be a busy one for this unique Devon restaurant.

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