Dining Devon Food Blog

Calling all chefs! In fact, anyone with excellent recipes to share!

Eating Exeter is all about food in Exeter & Devon.  This isn’t just about food that other people make, but food that can be made at home using excellent ingredients from our local area.  We are looking for recipes to publish once a week as our ‘recipe of the week’ from residents of Devon or Exeter.

This could be the avenue you need to get in to food writing and build up a portfolio!

bf4c69a8-0ce3-4bd3-bc13-4732cbb92bf9If you live in Devon or Exeter and you’d be interested in contributing a couple or a whole ton of recipes that you have tried yourself (no scribbling out of a recipe book and taking credit!) then we want to hear from you.

If you already run a blog, then great! If you’ve never published online before, equally as excellent – we’ll do the legwork and prep the recipe for posting.

We really want recipes that are easy to replicate at home with ingredients that might be special to Exeter or Devon.  Anything in season and anything that isn’t too convoluted.

Payment is purely exposure on our social media pages and via the blog itself.  But you’ll be part of a growing community of foodies in a city that is important in the South West foodie circuit.

Please share this amongst your friends and on your social media!

Contact us: eatingexeter@gmail.com



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