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Absurd Bird launches timed chicken eating challenge

Photos courtesy of Absurd Bird/Attention Media

Absurd Bird launches timed chicken eating challenge, with London blogger setting new time to beat.

The highly anticipated Absurd Bird Wings Challenge is now officially live across Absurd Bird restaurants in Spitalfields, Exeter and Bath – pitting contestants against the clock in a quest to eat 24 wings in record time. The quirky, Deep South inspired, restaurant brand hosted simultaneous launch events across its stores, with eager contestants battling it out to be the first to make it onto the leaderboard.


Only a handful of the 40 or so launch participants beat the time of 44 minutes, 45 seconds, set by Kate Ovens of the LADBible. Pre-launch, Kate filmed herself undertaking the Wings Challenge and with over 1.4 million views of her video there were plenty of entrants chomping at the bit to prove themselves.

A new record time was set on the launch night by Andre Fidorod, in London, taking him just 20 minutes and 14 seconds to devour all of his wings. Andre’s impressive time was closely followed by Tom Dibble with 24 minutes and 31 seconds and Matthew Saxton with 25 minutes and 17 seconds, both in Exeter. The winner in Bath, and the one and only contestant to finish their wings, was Toby Radnedge-Eddleston with 44mins and 20 seconds.


Some took it very seriously; arriving dressed in sports kit and headphones to get in the chicken-eating zone. Despite tactics and tricks, many were defeated by the sheer scale and size of the wings, but others smashed Kate Ovens time. The question is, will anyone beat Andre’s fantastic new record?

Absurd Bird are now encouraging more people to enter into the competition, keen to find the best of the best. Famed for their flavorsome and juicy chicken wings, the restaurants will now be running the challenge in store, throughout opening time. Customers visiting the restaurants will be able to take on the challenge, attempt to get their name on the top 10 leaderboard and get their wings for free – and of course respect and kudos for their chicken eating achievement!


Entrants will be able to pick from a combination of flavours including Crispy Fried Buttermilk, Buffalo, BBQ and Smoked Garlic Parmesan and Lemon.


When customers nominate themselves, their server will time how long it takes for them to make their way through the full bucket. Those who manage to beat the current 10th fastest  time will have their names added to the leaderboard, a Wings Challenge T Shirt, as well as receiving their wings for free. If participants fail to beat the record, they’ll have to pay the usual price of £24.

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